How Solar Works
Turn your home into a renewable power station and generate clean, free electricity for the next 30 years.
Clean free Electricity

How solar works is a combination of technology, economics, and expertise.




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Solar Specialists

As more and more people in Ireland choose to go solar, many electricians and plumbers are now offering solar. Some companies also do heat pumps, roof insulation, boilers, and windows and so now they’ve decided to do solar too. We take a different approach. We believe that if you are putting a system on your roof that will perform every day for the next 30 years you must make sure it is designed and installed by experts whose sole focus is on solar power generation.

Aftercare Service

We monitor every panel we install 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure your system is performing as it should and are always on hand to answer any queries and provide advice on how to maximise the benefit you get from your new solar system. Our mission is to help Ireland go green by harnessing the potential of solar power and that goal depends on you being so happy with your experience that you tell everyone you know about how great it is to go solar with Blue Solar.

Your information is loaded on our system
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Once correctly installed, solar technology is very robust, designed to last 30 years or more. As solar specialists, we spend every day installing panels on homes and businesses throughout Ireland. Because we are experts we are able to offer the strongest guarantee in the industry designed to protect your investment and give you peace of mind for years to come.

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